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Russia- A Medical Education Hub: When we look into the global context, Russia is amidst the medical hub for foreign students. With a wide number of universities and institutes offering higher medical education, the students can choose the courses as per their interests. The institutes offer the best combination of theoretical and practical knowledge to the students so that they can become good doctors. With good facilities and a transparent educational system, you can make a good career by studying MBBS in Russia.

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MBBS in Russia Intake

September-October 30

NEET Requirement  / PCB 12th % Yes / 50% in PCB (Some Colleges requires 65%)
Duration of MBBS Course Six Years
Medium of Instruction English / Russian (Student has to choose)
University Tuition Fees yearly Starts from 4500-9500 USD Dollars (As per selection)
Hostel fees yearly 250-400 USD Dollars Yearly

Top Medical Universities: Rostov State Medical University, Kazan State Medical University, Kazan Federal University-IFMB, North Ossetian State Medical Academy, Crimea Federal University, Kursk State Medical University, People’s Friendship University-Medical Faculty, Volgograd State Medical University.

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As a student, you will always consider the place that offers the best in terms of medical courses and fee structure. Russian medical universities offer numerous benefits to the students, some of which include:
• You do not have to pay any kind of donation to the colleges.
• There is no specified entrance exam for the courses.
• The admission process is very easy which makes it perfect for the aspiring candidates.
• The degrees have been validated by international organizations like Medical councils, WHO, and UNESCO.
• Broad exposure to the students which includes clinical practices and medical training.
• Endless possibilities.
• Low course fees.
• Great accommodation facilities.
• Well equipped hospitals with tertiary care.
• advanced teaching facilities.

The best thing about MBBS in Russia is that the students do not have to pass an entrance test to enroll themselves in these courses. You can opt for direct admission with the help of study centers like Doctors-IEA throughout the world. The academic session starts in the month of September and goes on till January. The students can enroll themselves during this period. Contact Doctors-IEA for more details. We will guide you step by step till you reach in Russia to start your medical course. 

Universities with us: Top Medical Universities in Russia for MBBS in English Medium & Russian Medium:

  1. Rostov State Medical University
    Admission intake: April to September – English Medium

    Medical study in Russia
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  2. Kazan State Medical University
    Admission intake: April to August – English Medium
  3. Peoples’ Friendship University
    Admission intake: April to August – English Medium
  4. Crimea Federal University
    Admission intake: April to August – English Medium
  5. Kazan Federal University
    Admission intake two times: April to August – English Medium
  6. Kursk state medical university
    Admission intake two times in a year April to September first intake and Second intake; Dec to Jan: English Medium
  7. Stavropol state medical university
    Admission intake: April to September 15 – English Medium
  8. North-Ossetian state medical academy
    Admission intake: April to September 15- English Medium
  9. Volgograd state medical university
    Admission intake: April to August 15 – English Medium

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